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Soloist William G. Corey, on acoustical guitar - First Draft*

William "Bill" invites you to enjoy his newest works of "Rock N Tree".  Bill dedicated this CD to his brother, "Peter" who passed away forty-four years young when cancer called him away. 

If Love Is Forever  


Questioning love's darker side

Star Light*


We're all just star dust and star light

Stone Heart Trail


Life's trail remembered

Standing Here


Being there for one's lover

Your Heart Cries  


Grieving hearts and the process of healing



A lover calls of worry

Just Like That


Accepting life changes

Looking Back  


No regrets as one moves forward

Wild Horses


Hearing the wild range in music

With No Money At All


Accepting life's wrinkles

River Boat


Exciting challenges and sacrifice for love

Join In  (video) It says it all, "join in"
Lost  (video) Lost, but now I can see.


* Tribute to Starlight Starbright Poem, rough #16339 Author unkn, traditional late 19th C nursery rhyme Wikipedia


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